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ICYMI: Brady Talks Deadly Border Crisis, Bidenflation, and the Success of President Trump's Tax Cuts

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Washington, May 19, 2022 | comments

This morning, Congressman Brady joined the Sam Malone Show to discuss the deadly crisis at the southern border, rising inflation under President Biden, Democrats' failure to address the baby formula shortage, and the success of President Trump's Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Click here or above to listen to the full interview.

On the deadly crisis at the Southern border: 

"More migrants have died on American soil since President Biden came into the White House than [any other similar period] in history. 700 migrants have lost their lives in this open borders process. That’s a big number…here’s a small number that I think is more tragic.

"Just this past month, we lost two high school students from The Woodlands who died from a drug overdose. Apparently, according to toxicology, fentanyl was present. We’ve lost so many lives in Biden’s open border process—sex traffickers, drugs, gangs, fentanyl—the country is paying an incredible price for this.


On rising inflation and President Biden's shrinking presidency: 

“On the inflation side, I know [Democrats] are trying to claim that it’s already peaked, but what people don’t know—the last three months, inflation has averaged at 9%. And it’s accelerating, not declining. Core inflation is double the rate. The prices local businesses pay are double digits and have been for almost half a year.”

This is what I call the increasingly shrinking presidency of Joe Biden. You’ve got a shrinking economy, shrinking paychecks, and now last month a shrinking workforce. Everything in the economy and quality of life is shrinking and going the wrong direction. … Everything that got this country into this mess…[Democrats] want to do more of it.”


On Democrats' failure to address the baby formula shortage:

The White House has known about this since last year and done nothing, and now it’s biting them in the tail like so many things they’re handling. The bill yesterday from the Democrats said, ‘let’s hire a bunch of FDA staff over the next two years to deal with the crisis’. They’ve done nothing to do more manufacturing, nothing to import faster. … All of these crises are just punishing Americans.”


On the success of President Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act:

“It was a great team effort. After a decade of less than 2% growth, flat paychecks, every month worrying about another American manufacturing company pulling up roots and moving overseas…all of that changed after the Trump tax cuts.

We leapfrogged to the number one economy in the world, we lifted 6 million Americans out of poverty. Wages for Americans, especially people of color, grew faster in one year, 2019, than in all eight years of Obama and Biden. And the fact of the matter is, the government didn’t do any of that. This was the free enterprise system. This was small businesses finally getting the chance to keep more of what they earn and invest in their own businesses again.

“Paychecks were going up twice as fast as inflation, so families were getting ahead literally every month. Right now, it’s exactly the opposite, and has been now for a brutal year. The President and the White House are still puzzled by what it takes to get an economy going. They’re just running this socialist agenda.

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