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ICYMI: Brady Talks Biden's Shrinking Economy, Growing Taxes, and the Biden Border Crisis

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Washington, May 3, 2022 | comments

Yesterday, Congressman Brady joined the Chris Salcedo Show to discuss President Biden's shrinking economy, growing taxes, and the importance of securing our Southern border.

Click here to listen to part 1 and part 2 of the interview.


On the effects of Bidenflation on families and small businesses: 

Everyone knows that pushing through that nearly $2 trillion so-called COVID stimulus fueled inflation, paid people not to work, and has driven the highest inflation in 40 years. Last month, prices went up three times faster than paychecks. A family in America is going to pay $5,000 more this year to buy the exact same thing. That is crushing to families.

“Six out of ten small businesses worry that they will not survive because of inflation and rising prices. When you lose those Main Street businesses, you have rocked this economy in such a negative way.”


On how Texas's economy is performing: 

“Texas is one of the only states that has gained back all the jobs that were lost during the pandemic. Our energy industry took a major hit and has already bounced back. The formula in Texas is low taxes, balanced regulations, and a can-do spirit. We want your business to survive – large or small – and it has made a huge difference. But for the country, Joe Biden's [formula] is exactly the opposite."


On Biden’s shrinking economy and growing taxes:

President Biden has a shrinking economy, along with shrinking paychecks, and now his poll numbers are shrinking below one third in support for his economic policies.

"He wants to raise taxes on small businesses, on investors, on workers in America at a time where other countries...are all lowering taxes to fight inflation. ... Raising those taxes, the way they want to do it, is an economic surrender to China, to Europe, and to other countries.

"I guarantee you, if you reverse President Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, you will see jobs flowing overseas, manufacturing going back to where it was flowing overseas, all the bad things of the Obama-Biden Administration."


On the importance of securing our borders and keeping Title 42 protections in place:

"The number of deportations has shrunk the greatest in 20 years. The number of apprehensions has increased the greatest in 20 years. And that’s with Title 42 in place. Can you imagine how much damage is going to be done at the end of May if this President goes forward with this? That's why Senate Republicans are insisting on a vote to keep Title 42 in place. Before we give more COVID aid, before we do more Ukraine aid, we have to secure our own borders.”

On the Biden Administration's new 'Disinformation' Board:

“This would be laughable if it weren’t so dangerous and if it didn’t fit into a construct of censorship and attacks on free speech—which is a signature of this administration. They make no apologies for it, and they are not held accountable for any of this.

"This fits into a very dangerous scenario in America. When you tie in all the Democratic institutions they want to dismantle—from the Supreme Court, to defunding the police, to the border, to ending the filibuster, and the electoral college—this fits into a very dangerous agenda.”

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