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ICYMI: Brady Talks Biden's Attack on American Energy Independence and the Crisis at the Southern Border

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Washington, April 8, 2022 | comments

This morning, Congressman Brady joined KTRH Houston’s Morning News to discuss President Biden’s attack on American energy independence, Governor Abbott's plans to bus illegal immigrants to Washington, D.C., and Title 42.

Click here or above to listen to the full interview.

On American energy independence: 

“The key number is zero. That’s how many leases the Biden administration has approved on and offshore since he’s taken office. The truth of the matter is, we have to give him credit—he promised during his campaign he was going to shut down American drilling and attack American energy independence. He’s done exactly that, and driven up gas prices almost double in the process.

“It is awfully hypocritical for Joe Biden to be insisting and demanding our American energy companies produce oil, when a month and half ago they were condemning them for increasing their energy production in America.”

On Governor Abbott's plans to bus illegal immigrants to Washington, D.C.:

“I think anything that raises awareness in Washington about the dangerous open borders that we have is helpful. I don't know if it comes to fruition, I hope it does. I actually think it would be helpful, especially for Members of Congress, to see this landing on their doorstep.”

We pay a steep price for these open borders here in Texas—the sex trafficking, the drug trafficking, the fentanyl deaths. Every town in America is a border town because of the impact of what the President is doing.”


On Title 42:

“It’s just frustrating that they are ending Title 42, which was basically extending the public health emergency to illegal migrants crossing into the United States. The thought that they would keep imposing the COVID public health emergencies on Americans but lifting it on those crossing illegally and tripling the number of illegal crossings each day—it’s cruel, it’s dangerous, and it’s reckless.”

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