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ICYMI: Congressman Brady on The Sam Malone Show

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Washington, June 10, 2021 | comments

ICYMI: Today, Congressman Brady joined The Sam Malone Show on AM 1070 The Answer to discuss the Biden Border Crisis, the President’s botched economic recovery, reckless emergency spending, and more.

We need to end this emergency spending. We can’t become the Olive Garden of never ending government checks—that won’t help people rebuild their lives. It’s not going to help us rebuild the economy either.

Click here or above to listen to the full interview.

On the Biden border crisis’s impact on the foster care system:

"States like ours pay a really steep price for these open borders. This is the Biden border crisis. They’re in denial about it, including the Vice President."

"U.S. foster kids are being pushed out of their housing and homes to make way for migrant kids. And that’s just wrong for a lot of reasons. So I’ve been challenging the Secretary of Health and Human Services: what are you going to do about this? Why are our foster kids...being hurt by your open borders? And what’s your plan to deal with all of these migrant kids coming across? And the bottom line is that they don’t have a plan."

"I credit Govenor Abbott here. So he signed…an executive order saying, “We’re not doing that. We’re not giving permits to facilities that are prioritizing migrant kids over US kids. The US government needs to step in here and do their job,” and he’s exactly right.

On President Biden’s reckless emergency spending:

"The President wants trillions of dollars more in new emergency spending on COVID. Congressional Democrats want a fourth and a fifth stimulus check."

"Ways and Means, we did an analysis that shows…for an average family of four where both those parents lost their jobs—a family you most want to help—Congress has already approved over $109,000 in government checks for them. So that’s stimulus checks, child subsidies, unemployment. And even a family where one person was laid off: over $67,000 a check."

"Look, at some point, we all helped and wanted to help people at the height of this pandemic, but right now we need to end this emergency spending. We can’t become the Olive Garden of never ending government checks—that won’t help people rebuild their lives. It’s not going to help us rebuild the economy either."

On how Biden’s economic policies are destroying our economy:

"I just saw a survey, about two days ago, that showed 90% of businesses surveyed said not being able to get workers has slowed their local community’s economy. These policies of paying people more to stay home than to go back to work are hurting America. They’re hurting Main Street America, and it’s just wrong."

"Here’s the bottom line: after five months, President Biden is half a million workers short of what President Trump added in his last five months...during the height of the pandemic. President Biden inherited a strong economy, life-saving vaccines, and an economy that’s recovering. With all those advantages, he’s already a half million jobs short. Real people are getting hurt by this."

On retiring in 2022:

"I love my job. I love what I do, and I’ve been blessed. My constituents are very concerned and they’ve given me that chance over the years to do big things and lead, so I am really blessed that way. But one of the reasons for announcing a little earlier than you normally would is I want to make sure we get good people raising their hands to serve this country. There’s never been a more important time than the fight we are in right now. And, just so you know, I’m not gone yet – I’m leading the fight against all of these tax increases and really bad things, so, you know, I’m in this."

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