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ICYMI: Brady Talks Biden Border Crisis and Infrastructure Package

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Washington, June 17, 2021 | comments

Yesterday, Congressman Brady joined Charles Payne on Fox News to discuss the Biden Border Crisis currently overwhelming our southern border and Biden's inability to negotiate a real infrastructure package.

"Governor Abbott is doing what President Biden won't – which is to protect Texas neighborhoods and communities.

Click here or above to watch to the full interview.

On Governor Abbott’s leadership during the Biden border crisis:

“I applaud Governor Abbott. It's a stunning indictment of President Biden's failure to address or even acknowledge this border crisis.”

I've been to the border many times; I've never seen anything like it. When you talk to the communities, neighborhoods, border agents, families—you can see it is a true crisis. And there's no abating of this right now because the President has said “look, it's open borders.” Sex trafficking is up, violent crime is up...the amount of fentanyl that simply just kills Americans is up in drastic numbers as well."

“So bottom line: Governor Abbott is doing what President Biden won't, which is to protect Texas neighborhoods and communities. Washington needs to be paying for this. It’s just sad that states have to protect themselves when Washington and President Biden won't do it.”

On President Biden’s inability to negotiate a real infrastructure package:

“Democrats don't have the votes to pass this infrastructure tax increase bill in reconciliation themselves. The truth is that more and more of the so-called moderate pro-business Democrats, as they call themselves back home, realize that if they vote for these tax increases—the greatest tax increases on Main Street businesses, farmers and workers in a generation—they know they're not coming back to Congress. So, Speaker Pelosi doesn't have the votes.”

“I think the reconciliation is an empty threat. We need to do this in a bipartisan way that doesn't fund infrastructure on the backs of working families.”

On the devastation President Trump can expect to see at the Texas border:

“It will be different from the last time he was there. The sheer amount of crossings [has increased] sixfold…from May of last year when he was President.”

When he sees all of these children crammed together like chickens in a coop; when he knows four out of every ten border agents are not on the border protecting our safety – I think he’s going to be stunned. I know when I was there, it was so disheartening to see how cruel the Biden administration has been here with the border issues and these children.”

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