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ICYMI: Brady Talks Biden’s Crippling Tax Increases and War on Texas Energy

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Washington, July 7, 2021 | comments

This morning, Congressman Brady joined Houston's Morning News on KTRH to discuss Biden’s crippling tax increases on Main Street businesses, inability to deliver promised jobs, and relentless attacks on Texas oil and gas jobs that have led to increasingly high gas prices.

"[President Biden] is really advancing a kill shot on the Texas energy, oil, and gas industry with tax increases, stopping pipelines, and stopping leases on federal land.”

Click here or above to listen to the full interview.

On Biden’s disastrous economic plan and crippling tax increases:

“While the economy is recovering, our jobs recovery is not doing so well. The President is already about 700,000 jobs short of what he promised when they passed that nearly $2 trillion jobs plan. And we've got a lot of workers still on the sidelines. Wages are going up, but prices are going up faster than paychecks every month President Biden has been in office...so families are falling behind.”

“What we’re going to talk about with our businesses [in Texas] are all the crippling tax hikes President Biden has proposed on Main Street businesses, on energy, especially. He is really advancing a kill shot on the Texas energy, oil, and gas industry with tax increases, stopping pipelines, and stopping leases on federal land. All the while, he is begging the Middle East to increase their oil production. All this means that Texas is at risk of losing millions of jobs because of these tax increases.”

On Biden’s ever-rising gas prices:

“Here’s the irony of it: He’s shutting down American oil and gas production intentionally because of this Green New Deal agenda he has. We are not producing anywhere close to what he did before the pandemic, and we are capable of so much more. And you’re seeing these prices not just at the gas pump...but throughout the economy. That’s why paychecks aren’t going up as fast as the prices are. For Texas, all this means are jobs [being lost], especially for the Houston region. We got a target on our back from this administration."

On Biden’s relentless attacks on Texan oil and gas jobs:

“They have no interest in anything coming from oil or natural gas, including the innovation that reduces greenhouse gas emissions. They are stuck on this thinking that you got to raise the prices on energy on everybody, then you got to kill off the oil and gas jobs. The real solution here is to make affordable energy cleaner. Texas, Houston, the oil and gas industry -- we are leading the technology and innovation to do exactly that. We are the solutions to these clean air problems, but this President is not interested in that.”

“Later this week, we should get some kind of decision from [the Biden administration] on if our oil and gas companies are going to be able to continue to explore federal lands and waters. And that answer could be devastating for Texas.”

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