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ICYMI: Brady Talks Pro-Life Protections, Biden's Economic Track Record, and Free Speech on The Chris Salcedo Show

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Washington, July 20, 2021 | comments

This morning, Congressman Brady joined The Chris Salcedo Show on KSEV to discuss his fight to protect the life-saving Hyde Amendment, Biden's disastrous economic track record and crippling tax hikes, and more.

"Today, we are giving the President, as a grade, an inflation-adjusted 'F' for his economic leadership because people are losing faith in it."

Click here or above to listen to the full interview.

On protecting the life-saving Hyde Amendment:

"For 40 years, Americans have found common ground in this simple law, the Hyde Amendment, which says your taxpayer dollars won’t be used for the funding or encouragement of abortions here or around the world. This President is seeking to overturn 40 years of common ground and use those tax dollars. And by the way, the Hyde amendment has saved nearly 2.5 million innocent babies lives during that time."

"For me, it’s personal. Cathy and I—we have a family only because two women in two really difficult situations chose life and chose adaption. And  they provided a family for Cathy and me. This is...an affront to the majority of Americans who don’t want their tax dollars to fund abortions here or around the world."

"This is the human rights issue of our time. But I’ll tell you what: it is a battle and I still think we are winning this in the hearts and minds of people back home. More and more polling shows people not only don’t want their tax dollars to be used for this, but they really believe that life begins at conception."

On Biden's disastrous economic track record:

"Today is the President’s sixth month in office. In about an hour, the Ways and Means Republicans are going to release our economic report card on the president’s leadership. Let me just give you a preview: job growth is slowing down. 1.4 million jobs less than the last 6 months of last year, despite huge advantages like reopening communities, life-saving vaccines, trillions in COVID spending. Economic growth is slowing down, economic optimism is down, real wages are down. An average family has actually had their paychecks’ buying power shrink every month the President has been in office. 

"People are seeing when you’ve got crippling tax hikes, when you have a spending binge that drives up prices on families, and when you’re paying people more to stay on the couch than go back to work, your economy is going to struggle. Today, we are giving the President, as a grade, an inflation-adjusted “F” for his economic leadership because people are losing faith in it."

On Biden's crippling tax hikes:

"If you or I came into office with these huge advantages coming into 2021, we would have this economy just surging for everybody in America. People would be back to work, Main Street businesses' optimism would be up – not down, wages would be up. ... In President Trump’s term, wages increased over inflation every year. In other words, paychecks grew under President Trump. They are shrinking under Biden. It’s just unbelievable, these types of poor, socialist, big government, economic policies – at the end of the day just hurt working families."

"Your whole point at the beginning: this attack on American-made energy is hurting the economy certainly. Hurting jobs, killing jobs in Texas and around the country, but they are not done. They’re proposing 11 major tax hikes on small, medium, and large size energy companies. Whether you are 'mom and pop producer' or a major refinery pipeline, they are coming at your workers and your company in a big way. That is the fight that I am helping lead. All the tax increases—that is the fight that I am convinced we can win."

On the Biden administration attacking free speech and vaccine fearmongering:

“Facebook isn’t killing people, but they’re certainly censoring people. It is chilling that they would be working with the administration to shut down more free speech. Secondly, the president needs to stop blaming others for the problems with people seeking vaccinations. In truth, Biden and the Vice President were fearmongering the vaccine when President Trump was in the office—I think scaring a lot of people out of the vaccine."

"Now it’s up to them because of the inconsistent decisions, and announcements, and reversals by the CDC and White House. Frankly, people lost faith in this administration and don’t know what to trust. Frankly, it’s up to this President where we’re seeing this Delta variant. It’s up to him to convince people and restore faith in these vaccines and stop blaming everyone else about this. This rests with you, Mr. President."

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