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The Brady Briefing

We Cannot Defund the Police

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Washington, March 5, 2021 | comments

The Democrats’ partisan bill does nothing to implement meaningful reform. What this bill actually does is push radical policies, like defunding the police, while impeding the ability of good police officers to do their jobs effectively.

As has been proven in cities across the nation, defunding the police only makes our communities less safe. Instead of defunding, we should invest more in our law enforcement for improved training and better policies, and help foster stronger relationships between our officers and communities.

We can – and must – do better. That’s why I’m proud to be an original co-sponsor of The JUSTICE Act, introduced by my colleague and former police officer Rep. Stauber. Our bill focuses on training, accountability, and transparency and would actually address police misconduct.

Americans deserve a bipartisan response to address police misconduct – let’s work together to give them just that.

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