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ICYMI: Congressman Brady on KTRH

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Washington, July 24, 2020 | comments

ICYMI: Congressman Kevin Brady joined KTRH news to discuss the next round of stimulus legislation, his actions to make sure Congressional funding gets to local communities, the President's efforts to uphold law and order, and the importance of wearing masks.

Click here or above to listen to the full interview.

On the next stimulus package: 

“It’s important Congress does not go on a huge spending spree. The truth is we’ve already spent over three trillion dollars, much of which hasn’t yet been spent. We’re not going to do three trillion dollars of marijuana banking, and early release for criminals, and all of the things in the democrats' bill. 

“What we do know is because of the flair ups, communities are going to need more help with testing. Small business optimism is up, but parts of the economy and certain parts of the country are going to recover slower. So we got to help keep our businesses surviving. We got a lot of folks out of work so we want to get them back, reconnected with their jobs and businesses. I think very smart, targeted policies that help both achieve healthy lives and a healthy economy are going to be the focus."

On proper allocation of state and local funding:

“What’s not been reported is that congress has allocated almost 3 quarters of a trillion dollars to our state and local governments for schools, hospitals, law enforcement, housing… and much of those dollars haven’t even gotten to those communities. 

“Half of the states aren’t sharing those federal dollars with those smaller communities and rural counties

“When we sent money down to the states and to those larger counties, it was with the intention that they would help cover the cost of those cities and counties in their jurisdiction. The good news is Texas is one of the states that has been sharing dollars but some of those larger counties like Harris County are hoarding those dollars and not sharing with other communities. Before we send any more money, we are going to insist that they share those dollars with smaller communities in the way we intended.” 

On the riots in Portland:

“We all support peaceful protests, there are a lot of people in pain that want to see change. But in Portland and other cities, this [violence and looting] has been going on for weeks and weeks and weeks. 

“Americans – I don’t care where they live – deserve a safe community and neighborhood. If the local officials won’t or can’t control the violence, looting, and damage; the national guard and federal officials have the right to protect those federal buildings, restore order, and keep those communities safe. That is what the President is trying to do." 

On the importance of wearing masks:

“The president’s actually been talking for a long time about following the CDC guidelines and the point here being, if you do the social distancing, the hygiene, self-monitoring, it really works. A mandate across the country won’t, but having the communities and states make those decisions is the right way to go… I think that’s a good message. Smart common-sense behavior is what’s going to tamp this flair up down.”

The wrong way to go would be to lock down these communities again, force people back into their homes. Because what we're seeing is these cases aren’t coming from work, they're not coming from retail shopping... it's these social gatherings where we just aren’t using common sense. I think there’s a right way to tackle it."

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