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Congressman Brady Celebrates USMCA Entering Into Force

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Washington, July 1, 2020 | comments

CONROE, TX - Today, the United States Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA) officially entered into force. In recognition of this momentous accomplishment, Congressman Brady hosted a phone call with bipartisan members of the Texas Delegation.

“After almost two years, the United States Mexico Canada Agreement is entering into force. This is a tremendous accomplishment, and it would not be possible without the hard work and leadership of those joining me today on the call,” said Congressman Brady. “The USMCA is a huge win for Texas and the American people, and it will give us a more prosperous alliance with our North American trading partners.

“Kevin, I want to thank you for your leadership – you and I traveled to Mexico and talked to the folks there to make sure this trade agreement was done,” said Congressman Henry Cuellar. “I also want to thank our colleagues from Texas that took leadership roles to get this done; Texas Association of Business, Texas Leadership Council, the Metro Chambers, and other folks involved with this agreement.”

“Having a Texan at the helm I think has made a huge difference. I also give credit to President Trump for making this a priority,” said Congressman Jodey Arrington. “Texas is critical to the nation – not just Texas values, but ag and energy products, and we're going to have two billion dollars more of trade on agriculture as a result of the USMCA. Our agriculture and energy producers, manufacturers, and consumers will now reap the benefits of an American First trade deal.”

“It was an honor to work with Congressmen Brady, Cuellar, Arrington, and so many others in seeing this through,” said Congressman Michael Cloud. “I would constantly hear over and over again from farmers throughout Texas just how important it was to get USMCA passed. Texas is not afraid to compete in the world as long as we have a fair opportunity.” 

Also joining the call were representatives from Texas businesses organizations and Metro chambers across the state. 

Russel Boening, Texas Farm Bureau: “Without the leadership of Chairman Brady, Congressmen Cuellar, Arrington, and Cloud, there is no way that we would have been able to get all members of our delegation. This shows superb leadership from Texas that we were able to get all 38 to vote yes on the trade agreement.” 

Jeff Moseley, Texas Association of Business: “Congressmen, thank you for your leadership on this bipartisan coalition. You guys make Texas proud. This is the way Congress is supposed to work. We’ve been around about a hundred years but we’ve never seen anything like the work that you put into getting all of our Texas members to support USMCA.”

Justin Yancy, Texas Businesses Leadership Council: “The Texas Business Counsel thanks each of you and the entire Texas delegation for the remarkable effort of a unanimous vote and having the USMCA put into place. It’s going to provide significant economic stability for employers, and that’s going to lead to a quicker financial recovery.” 

John LaRue, United Corpus Christi Chamber“I just want to express my thanks, especially to the four of you for the support you’ve given to south Texas and in particular Corpus Christi. It’s been a tremendous effort from all of you, and I can’t thank you enough.” 

Dale Petroskey, Dallas Regional Chamber: “Thank you Congressmen Brady, Cuellar, Arrington, and Cloud. Your leadership on USMCA is really important for the country and for the economy of Texas. We are really lucky to have such a strong congressional delegation in Texas that comes together in the best interests of our businesses.” 

Dana Harris, Austin Chamber: “Thank you, Congressman Brady, and thank you to Congressmen Cuellar, Arrington, and Cloud. Congratulations on this historic agreement. Your leadership was second to none and we so appreciate everything you did.”

Richard Perez, San Antonio Chamber: “On behalf of our community, I would like to thank all of you for putting your shoulder to the grindstone and getting this thing done. It is making difference and it’s going to keep Texas as the number one trading partner with Mexico and Canada, and then beyond.” 

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