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Brady Statement on President Trump's Border Crisis Address to the Nation

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Washington, January 8, 2019 | comments
Washington, D.C. – Congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX-08) released the following statement regarding President Trump's address to the American people regarding the humanitarian and security crisis on the southern border:

“I continue to stand with President Trump in his efforts to secure our border and prioritize national security. In the Houston region, we’re all too familiar with the damage caused by MS-13 gangs, drug trafficking and sex trafficking, much of which comes from the southern border. Our border is not secure and the communities I represent pay the price.  

“The only thing Senator Schumer got right tonight is that there is no excuse to keep the government shut down. It’s time for Senate and House Democrats to come to the table and discuss the President’s common sense solutions to end this humanitarian and security crisis on our southern border, and fully reopen our government.”
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