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Thanks to Kevin Brady for the Tax Cut Law

Courier of Montgomery County Letter to the Editor

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Washington, December 26, 2017 | comments

Thanks to Kevin Brady for the Tax Cut Law

To the editor:

Getting to keep more of the money we spent 47 years working so hard for rather than the government taking it is truly a blessing for the upcoming year. And no, we and most of us who will benefit from this new law are not just "the wealthy." I want to offer a big thank-you to our congressman for playing such a large part in accomplishing this – a goal he has been working on for many years and finally has enough clout with a Republican Congress and president to achieve.

Businesses, large and small, are the engine of our economy, and the more fuel you pump into that engine, the faster the economic train goes, and all of us ride along with it! Jobs, higher wages, growth in the stock market where many folks' 401ks can grow, optimism, less regulation – finally, thanks to Congressman Brady and our Congress and president, our country can hope for a brighter economic future.

Free market capitalism works – socialism and government top-down control does not. You spend your money better than they do. Any time you get to keep more of it, it's a good thing, and this law is a good thing. Can it be an even better thing in the future, with even more improvements? Sure. But this is a great start. Watch us grow!

Merry Wise


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