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It won't be easy this time either

Weekly Standard

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Washington, November 20, 2017 | comments
The lessons of the 1986 tax reform.

By Tony Mecia

Tax reform looked like it was in peril. Influential business groups, including real estate agents and homebuilders, opposed it. Lobbyists were working feverishly against it. Opinion polls showed the public was as unenthusiastic as many members of Congress.

That was 1986, the last time Congress drastically overhauled the tax code. But the same dynamics are at work today. And as Republicans labor to push a tax bill through Congress, they speak nostalgically of the events of 31 years ago.

House Ways and Means chairman Kevin Brady, in his opening comments at the markup of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on November 6, said the 1986 law “was the most sweeping overhaul in American history” and that today’s legislators face a similar challenge: “coming together to fix a tax code that has become just as broken, complex, and unfair as the one President Reagan and Congress overhauled in 1986.”

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