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CBN News: Key Republican Unveils New Plans to Fix Taxes, Obamacare

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Washington, February 24, 2017 | comments

The GOP Congress aims to deliver tax cuts and a replacement for Obamacare by August, the chairman of a powerful House committee told CBN News.

Texas Rep. Kevin Brady heads the Ways and Means Committee, where all bills dealing with taxation must originate. Brady spoke with "700 Club" host Pat Robertson on the show Thursday morning.

On tax reform, he said the committee will propose a plan cutting tax rates for all and introducing a "post-card" filing system for most Americans that will make the process simpler.

While cutting taxes and making it easier to file, the plan will keep elements important to America families, like the child tax-credit, help with college, and deductions on home mortgages and charitable giving.

"We want to unlock more charitable giving in America," Brady said. "We think that's one of the best traditions in our country."

He also said the plan will restore free speech to church leaders, allowing them to publicly support political candidates without fear of losing their tax-exempt status.

"In our tax reform, we intend to repeal the damaging effects of the Johnson Amendment, so our pastors and our preachers can practice their faith and their biblical teachings without fear of Washington or the IRS targeting them," Brady said.

The second major initiative is replacing Obamacare with "patient-centered" health care and ending federal funding for groups that perform abortion.

"We're going to make sure the taxpayer dollars don't go to elective abortions and we're not funding Planned Parenthood," he said.

The proposed replacement will focus on restoring control to the states and bringing a free-market approach to health care.

"What we propose is the concept of a health care backpack, that's tailored to you that travels with you from job to job, state to state, home to raise a family or a business, and even into retirement," he said.

Democrat lawmakers in the Senate could try to block Republican legislation with a filibuster, but the GOP will use a method called "reconciliation" to get around the tactic and have an up or down vote.

Although they're facing heavy opposition from lobbyists and the Democrats, Brady said the GOP Congress is committed to taking advantage of this opportunity.

"Keep us in your prayers, we're working very hard," he said.

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