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Economic Recovery

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Slow Economic Recovery

Hardworking Americans continue to endure the slowest economic recovery in modern times when it comes to economic growth and income growth.  And the picture isn’t much better when it comes to private-sector job creation.

As the former Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Joint Economic Committee, I closely monitor America's economic situation.

The harsh reality is that if this economic recovery had only lived up to the average of other post-1960 recoveries, Americans would be far better off.  Real gross domestic product (GDP) would be nearly two trillion dollars larger.  There would be nearly six million more private-sector jobs and after-tax income per person adjusted for inflation would be roughly $3,500 more each year.

The slow recovery continues to take its toll.  We don’t need more government, we need less.  We need to follow the examples of Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy and implement policies focused on growing the economy that let people keep more of their own money.  I will continue to fight for policies that put faith in the American people and the free enterprise that made America the greatest force for good and prosperity in the world’s history. 

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