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Individuals & Workers


Effective immediately, TWC asks that Texans use their area code to find their proposed call and access times listed below. 

See below chart for recommended call and access times, and for more information, please click here

Workers and families are suffering economically because of this virus. The CARES Act helps American families in the form of a one-time tax rebate check of $1,200 per individual and $500 per child for those with a valid SSN. There are no earned income or tax liability requirements to receive these rebate checks. The full rebate amount is available for those with incomes at or below $75,000 for individuals, $112,500 for head of household, and $150,000 for married couples. Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin said that the individual tax rebate checks will be distributed in three weeks, either through direct deposit or a check. To learn more about the tax rebates, please click here.

Additionally, the CARES Act helps workers by expanding the size and scope of unemployment benefits. Now, the self-employed and independent contractors, like uber drivers and gig-workers, will also have access to unemployment. It also makes benefits more generous by adding $600 per week on top of what the state normally pays in unemployment and provides an additional 13 weeks of benefits. For more information on unemployment, please click here.

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act offers workers paid sick leave and family leave protection. This will ensure that workers are not forced to choose between their paychecks and the public health measures needed to combat the virus. To learn more about paid leave rights, and to see if you are eligible, please click here.

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