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Kevin Brady's Biography

The Honorable Kevin Brady (R-Texas)

U.S. Congressman Kevin Brady is a pro-family, pro-small business conservative who proudly represents the Eighth Congressional District of Texas. 

Widely recognized as a national economic leader, Kevin is only the third Texan in history to chair the powerful House Ways & Means Committee – considered to be the most influential committee in Congress – with control over taxes, international trade, health care, Medicare, Social Security and welfare. 

As Chairman, he led a historic reform of America’s tax code, the first in 30 years. These tax cuts for families and local businesses restored America to the most competitive economy in the world, leading to millions of new jobs, the highest household income and lowest poverty rate in half a century, and a return of U.S. jobs and investment from overseas. 

A champion of free enterprise and American-made energy, Kevin’s first achievement as Chairman was successfully negotiating on behalf of Speaker Paul Ryan for an end to the 40-year ban on selling U.S. crude oil overseas, leading to American energy independence.

His successful initiatives also include the first reform of the IRS in two decades, passage of President Trump’s US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement (USMCA), sweeping reform of Americas’ retirement system in the form of The Family Savings Act, a historic national ban on surprise medical bills, elimination of the ObamaCare individual mandate and the three largest ACA taxes, and making the Research & Development tax credit permanent to ensure research into key medical breakthroughs and technologies occur here in  America rather than in foreign countries. 

Kevin is a recognized national leader in free trade, and while Chairman of the Ways and Means Trade Subcommittee, he helped secure approval of trade agreements with Columbia, Panama and South Korea. In Congress, he has helped successfully secure passage of 13 of America’s 15 free trade agreements, including President Trump's new agreement with Canada and Mexico. He was the White House point man for the Central American trade agreement, and in 2016 authored the first successful major reform of trade rules since 9/11 to speed-up secure, legal trade of products across U.S. borders.

He has devoted years in Congress to spurring new treatments and cures for rare diseases, including Pulmonary Hypertension, Primary Immune Deficiency and juvenile Batten's Disease.

Kevin served as Chairman of the Joint Committee on Taxation, Chairman of the Joint Economic Committee of the House and Senate, and has chaired both the Health Care and Trade Subcommittees of Ways and Means. 

Prior to his election to Congress, Kevin worked as a Chamber of Commerce executive for 18 years and served six years in the Texas House of Representatives, where he was named Top Ten Legislator for Families & Children and one of Five Outstanding Young Texans. 

Kevin is a Distinguished Alumni of the University of South Dakota. 

He is dedicated to staying close to the families and communities he represents, and never moved to Washington. Kevin lives in The Woodlands with his wife and two sons and has logged more than 2.5 million miles commuting from Texas to Congress, equivalent to five round trips to the moon.


Congressman Brady's major legislative accomplishments include:

  • Authoring the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the first major reform of the U.S. Tax Code in more than 30 years.
  • Working with Texas Democrats and the Florida congressional delegation to deliver disaster relief to communities impacted by Hurricanes Harvey, Maria and Irma.
  • Restoring the federal sales tax deduction which saves Texas taxpayers over $1 billion a year.
  • Passing new trade agreements that have created new sales and thousands of new jobs for Texas workers in manufacturing, agriculture and technology.
  • Passing the Teacher Liability Protection Act to protect teachers against frivolous lawsuits when they maintain order and discipline in the classroom.
  • In the wake of 9-11, establishing a national network of university homeland security research centers to prevent and respond to future terrorist attacks, including the center at Texas A & M.
  • Championing the Federal Sunset Act which forces agencies and programs to regularly prove their value to taxpayers or face elimination.
  • Authoring the MAP Act which President Reagan's former budget director lauded for its "smart spending caps and innovative guardrails."
  • Helping create the Texas Institute of Genomic Research, a cutting-edge research center that will accelerate new medical discoveries and create 5,000 new Texas jobs.


In Congress, Kevin has been repeatedly named Hero-of-the-Taxpayers, Small Business Champion and Super-Friend of the Seniors. He has received the Golden Bulldog Award by Watchdogs of the Treasury, special recognition by Citizens Against Government Waste, and is a perennial winner of the Guardian of Small Business, Taxpayer Hero and Spirit of Enterprise awards.

Kevin has been honored as Outstanding Texas Political Leader-of-the-Year and Deep East Texas Legislator-of-the-Year and was recently named as having one of the Top Five Spending Cut Agendas on Capitol Hill.