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Committees and Caucuses

Committee on Ways and Means

Congressman Kevin Brady currently serves as the Republican Leader of the House Committee on Ways and Means, considered to be the most influential committee in Congress. Before becoming Ranking Member, Congressman Brady served as Chairman of the Committee for six years.

As Chairman, Brady led the effort to pass the historic Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on behalf of President Trump, resulting in the first comprehensive overhaul of America’s tax system in more than 30 years. This critical legislation reduced taxes across the board, redesigned our tax code so American businesses could compete and win anywhere in the world, made America the most competitive economy on the planet, lifted millions of Americans out of poverty, and stopped U.S. businesses from moving overseas. Brady also successfully negotiated an end to the 40-year ban on selling U.S. crude oil overseas on behalf of Speaker Paul Ryan—his first achievement as Chairman.

The Committee on Ways and Means is the oldest committee of the United States Congress, and is the chief tax-writing committee in the House of Representatives. The committee has jurisdiction over all taxation, tariffs, and other revenue-raising measures, as well as a number of other programs including Social Security, unemployment insurance and Medicare.

To learn more, visit the House Republican Ways and Means website here. For the latest updates, follow Ways and Means GOP on Twitter here.


Caucuses are small groups within Congress that provide a forum for specific issues or legislative agendas. Here is a complete list of caucuses Congressman Brady has joined:

House Republican Study Committee Sunset Caucus, Chair
Congressional Friends of New Zealand Caucus, Co-Chair
House Republican Steering Committee, Texas Representative
ALS Caucus
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Caucus
Bipartisan Congressional Task Force on Alzheimer's Disease
Bipartisan Task Force for Combating Anti-Semitism
Congressional America 250 Caucus
Congressional Army Caucus
Congressional Automotive Performance and Motorsports Caucus
Congressional Caucus for Competitiveness in Entertainment Technology
Congressional Caucus on Foster Youth
Congressional Caucus on India and Indian-Americans
Congressional Coalition on Adoption
Congressional Colombia Caucus
Congressional Constitution Caucus
Congressional Diabetes Caucus
Congressional Dyslexia Caucus
Congressional Heart and Stroke Coalition
Congressional High Tech Caucus
Congressional Motorsports Caucus
Congressional Natural Gas Caucus
Congressional Services Caucus
Congressional Sound Money Caucus
Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus
Congressional World Bank Caucus
House General Aviation Caucus
House Republican Study Committee
TEX-21 Congressional Caucus
Texas Ag Task Force
United Service Organizations Congressional Caucus
U.S. Congressional International Conservation Caucus