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50 Health Care Ideas

50 Ideas To Make Health Care More Affordable, Accessible And Efficient:

Is there anyone who doesn’t worry about health care?

Whether you’re a parent of a child who needs it, a senior using it, a business person paying for it or a medical professional providing it, concerns about health care are growing greater each day. Can we afford it? What does the future hold?

America is at a critical point.

Health care is becoming too expensive for many families. Many have no insurance. Others who do are picking up the cost. America faces a terrible shortage of nurses. While Washington is the largest buyer of health coverage, many hospitals and medical professionals lose billions of dollars from low government reimbursements. Fraud and medical mistakes are costing billions. And next year more than 77 million baby boomers will begin to retire – placing even a greater financial strain on the Medicare system.

On the other hand, new medicines and medical breakthroughs are saving lives, defeating incurable diseases and giving hope to many families. Our seniors are living longer lives – spending less time in the hospital and more time enjoying their grandchildren. America has some of the most cutting-edge medical technology and the highest-trained physicians in the world. Even combat soldiers who would previously not have survived their injuries are returning home to live quality lives.

Congress is grid-locked. We need new ideas.

Bitter partisan fighting in Washington – and the sheer size and complexity of the problem - has grid-locked Congress. Nothing significant has been accomplished. Few new ideas are being discussed.

To find new innovative ways to tackle this problem, Congressman Kevin Brady is launching a series of idea sessions asking Texans to identify 50 IDEAS to Improve Health Care.

He’s seeking innovative ideas from people like you. How can we make health care more affordable? Better, more convenient? You depend on health care. Many of you provide it. And we all pay for it. Congressman Brady wants to take the common-sense ideas of Texans and hopefully turn them into legislation for Congress to consider. He’s listening. It’s your chance to speak out.

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