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United States Trade Representative Announces Conclusion of TPP Negotiations

"Done right this agreement will open a billion middle class customers to American goods and services, and as a result no state could create more good paying jobs than Texas. Since the new trade law Congress recently passed requires the President to make the whole agreement open to the public for two months before he signs it, I and my constituents will be reviewing it carefully to determine if this trade agreement is good for America." READ MORE

Monday Morning Memo Podcast for October 5, 2015

In this week’s Monday Morning Memo podcast, the jobs gap hits a new record as the House prepares to vote this week to open up sales of American oil for the first time in 40 years. The President threatens to veto important military funding and Iran owes victims of its terrorism support $43 (b) billion. READ MORE

Over Obama Veto Threat, House Funds Strong Defense Budget

“With his veto threat President Obama hopes to hollow out America’s national defense at a time when our world has never been more dangerous. His veto will make our nation less safe, so what is he thinking? We must fully fund and our military and intelligence forces. This bill does just that by fully funding the readiness, training and weaponry for our troops, providing them a much needed pay raise and gives us new cyber security capabilities." READ MORE

Conroe Courier: Brady briefing: House acts, Senate dawdles on key issues

The sudden resignation of Speaker John Boehner means a new leadership team in the U.S. House of Representatives. But Congress will never be successful in getting America back on track until Republicans stop fighting among themselves. As long as the majority party is divided and using its energy to politically wound each other, then its ability to shrink the size of government, rein in unconstitutional executive orders and restore the Constitution will be easily defeated. As former President Ronald Reagan observed, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” And divided troops never win a battle. READ MORE